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the PARk


the park of PARADISO
It's unique. Strongly desired by Giovanni and Enrichetta Romano,
close-knit spouses, visionaries and sensitive entrepreneurs, nature lovers and respectful of the environment, who dedicated a large part of the energies of their lives to the creation of Paradiso Terme, making it an exclusive resort on the island of Ischia.
Today, Mario, the gardener, is its soul and passionate guardian.
In the months of May and June, the fruit of his work over a long winter comes to fruition.
Wandering among the flowery avenues, grasping the shades of colors, listening to the chirping of birds, smelling the scents of nocturnal jasmine
or  seeing the caper flowers or aerial tillandsias will leave you with a strong emotion.
Each season has its own flowering. Always enchanting.
Even the pond with water lilies, turtles and goldfish will intrigue you.

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